Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Shop Progress

I have made a start on the new shop kit.

First I had to find out whether the laminated surface would be a problem so a small test piece of paper was glued on and appeared to be stuck in place except it easily peeled off leaving no trace behind. Next step was to try sanding the shine off the surface and this worked, the paper remained well glued in place.

I decorated the inside of the side walls with paper and paint, at this point I noticed the outside is not printed with the brick pattern as in the photo but is plain white. No problem to me but thought I should mention this.

Next step (and next problem) was the internal doorways. I already commented that they are plastic and not a nice colour so the doors themselves were due to be removed. They also looked a bit small and when measured proved to only be 5 1/2" high, the archway in the top floor dividing wall was only 5" high. Overall the building does have low ceilings at only 7 1/2" but this is acceptable as old buildings do tend to have very low ceilings whereas such low doors were not, although I have been in old shops with "Mind Your Head" signs above the low doorways I wanted my building to be more safety conscious so no dolls end up with sore heads. For a moment I wondered if the kit is actually 1/16th although sold as 1/12th. Then I realised the doors would be too big then and the width and depth of the building are as is expected for a 1/12th scale building.

The solution was to cut out the entire door and frame and raise the height forming an archway. The type of shop I am planning has no need for internal doors.

After cutting out the doors and enlarging all the openings I used thin card to neaten up the edges, painted each one according to the colour scheme planned and added wallpaper.

I prefer to decorate before assembly as working inside small box shapes is difficult, the only drawback is a need to be careful not to damage the decoration while assembling.

Next step is to prepare for the lighting and decorate the ceilings.

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Elga said...

I think it is going to look great, I am glad you found solutions for your problems.