Monday, 7 March 2011

A Packet in the Post Today

Today's post bought me this beautiful pottery miniature vase inspired by the Arts and Craft movement and made by MostlyArt.

As is so often the case with miniatures the photo doesn't really do it justice. Seeing a miniature vastly enlarged robs it of the WOW factor of seeing something so tiny yet so perfect in the palm of your hand.

From MostlyArt's description of the item -

"I sculpted this vase from porcelain clay and glazed with an experimental combination I've been trying to perfect lately. The color is a dark matte green with hints of blue and nice texture. The design is repeating leaves in relief.

The vase stands 3/4" tall and 5/8" across the widest view. I made the yellow Roses from paper, thin wire, and a bit of watercolor. They are just loose in the vase and can be posed or removed depending on how you want to display your vase."

This talented potter works in full size and in miniature. Her greatest influence is the Arts and Crafts era.

To see items currently offered for sale visit MostlyArt's studio by clicking here


Joyce said...

Thank you so much for the lovely write up about this Arts and Crafts vase! I am also very excited about our new venture into the ArtFire Miniature Community.


dale said...

Awesome work, Joyce! It is lovely! :)

I hope artfire is ready for a new community of miniaturists and I hope everyone looks into artfire now. :)


Joyce's mini pottery is soooo cool! I have several of her pieces and like them all.