Friday, 9 March 2012

The Caravan Furnishings

I am still in the process of painting and assembling the caravan but have made up all the interior furnishings ready to go in as soon as the main caravan is finished.

Instead of French Polishing I cheated and used a varnish stain. I wanted a darker look so chose "teak" colour. Several coats built up to a rich aged looking finish and good shine from years of polishing.

The range is black with a very slight sheen. I made white tiles from polymer clay to form protection to the wooden unit.

Bread bin, kettle, trivet, and water jug are Warwick Miniatures white metal that I painted cream, royal blue and black using Humbrol gloss enamel paints. I made all the food shown in these photos.

The table lamp has a tiny battery in the base so no wiring is needed.

In addition to the two units and table there are panels which fit in to form a bed and two benches when the interior is fitted.

I am really enjoying making this kit up - so much I find it a struggle to limit my time and get on with other things like some items for my Etsy shop and house work so I allow a few days at a time then put it to one side for a while.

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